June 28, 2022In Sermons
The Ocean Church, English Speaking, Dar es Salaam, We are dedicated to leading people to a personal relationship with Christ
The Ocean Church, English Speaking, Dar es Salaam, We are dedicated to leading people to a personal relationship with Christ

Within the previous sermons, the Holy Spirit was discussed in light of the following traits:
– Who the Holy Spirit Is
– The Holy Spirit and Power
– The Holy Spirit and Evangelism

In completing the series, Pastor Pam discussed the Holy Spirit and Spirit Baptism. To help in delivering her message, Pastor Pam made reference to the book of Acts Ch 19 vs 1-7 in providing a clear illustration of how Spirit Baptism transformed the disciples; lives:

Acts Chapter 19 vs. 1-7

“While Apollos was at Corinth, Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus. There he found some disciples and… There were about twelve men in all.”
When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, something happens to us as we are filled with the Holy Spirit. When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit however, we are spirit empowered. As shown in this passage, when the disciples were baptized with the Holy Spirit, they were spirit empowered and spoke in tongues. They were empowered to do things that they were previously never capable of. From that moment onward, their lives were changed forever.

Everyone’s encounter with Spirit Baptism is unique to individual circumstances. For some it happens immediately after prayer, whereas for others it takes a considerable amount of time. However, what is most certain is that Spirit Baptism is transformational. It is worth the wait and worth the pursuit. The crowning characteristics that surround Spirit Baptism are that:
Being baptized with the Holy Spirit is an act of partnership. It does not amount to being possessed. It is an encounter of empowerment.

Spirit Baptism is not a one-time occurrence. It is a transformative continual experience.

Spirit Baptism enables us to pray in tongues and in doing so facilitates conversation with God

Receiving spirit baptism is not automatic process. It can only be attained in sequential stages. We firstly need to be saved and born again to gain access to the Holy Spirit. It’s only after doing so that we can continue seeking God in prayer and request Spirit Baptism. This requires commitment and continual acts of pressing in. And in His time, God will see to it that you are spirit filled. This will complete the steps in the process of being baptized in the Holy Spirit where:

We seek Spirit Baptism in Prayer

Jesus responds and Baptizes with the Holy Spirit while changing our lives forever

The partnership between the Holy Spirit and our Renewed Souls takes shape and changes the course of our lives