September 21, 2022In Sermons

Dating is not a status to dwell in, but a process of evaluation. Dating is a process of evaluating another person to discern whether or not we want to spend the rest of our lives with that person.

Questions we should ask ourselves while dating are:

What qualities should I look for in a person?           

– Do not only focus on looks and charms for they are temporary.

Could I build a life with this person?

Do I see myself journeying down the road with this person?

Things we should evaluate when dating:

Are you spiritually compatible?

“The most important thing about a person is what he or she thinks about God.”- A.W.Tozer.

You need to be with someone you can relate to on a spiritual level. Look for someone who is actively pursuing the Lord.

Are you socially compatible?

99% of your relationship will be based on conversation. Are you socially able to spend and enjoy time with this person?

Are your life goals compatible?

Are you both heading in a similar direction in life? Or can you one say see yourself supporting what he/she is doing. 

Are you physically compatible?

Although physical attraction is not the first thing that you should consider, you still need to be physically attracted to this person. 

Remember when dating you should date with clarity and date with boundaries. This will allow both of you to keep your sexual integrity. 

It is also important to date openly. Allowing other people to know of your relationship will help you in getting advice on how to go about your relationship. This will also allow God to be a part of your evaluation process and pray for his intervention in your life.