September 14, 2022In Sermons

This sermon focuses on a topic that is not always approached and talked about, Singleness. In 1 Corinthians 7, Apostle Paul talks about marriage and singleness. Verses 8-9 talk about how it is good to remain single but if you do not have self control then it is best to get married. However do not get married just because of lust, for you can be married and still struggle with lust. 

Marriage is a God ordained gift, a commitment and covenant with God. Verse 27-28 says “If you are married, stay married. If you are not married, do not try to get married. It isn’t wrong to marry, even if you’ve never been married before. But those who marry have a lot of trouble, and I want to protect you from that.”


There are four myths of singleness:

  1. Marriage is the only ordained lifestyle
  2. Grass is greener on the other side of the matrimonial fence
  3. My life plus someone else equals happiness
  4. Singleness is equivalent to loneliness and marriage means you will never lonely


We need to realise that singleness is not a curse and it is a gift from God. Being married is not better than being single and being single is not better than being married. You can be single and happy but you can also be married and unhappy. Marriage is not the ultimate goal, Jesus is.

1 Corinthians 7:32-35 teaches us that being single can help us serve the Lord better without distractions and we can give God our undivided attention. Once you are married you have other worldly worries and having to please your spouse, therefore your time with God is divided. However we still need to put God first when we are married. 

In conclusion, whether we are married or single, we all have a purpose in this life as disciples of Jesus Christ. What is more important is to live a purpose driven life, whether in marriage or in singleness.