The Ocean International Community Church’s Benevolence procedures and policy exists to glorify Christ by sharing His love in a physical way with members in our congregation.

Benevolence assistance will be given to any member, who meets the requirements, when it is determined that the member is truly “in need”.


All matters shared and disclosed by the applicant(s) will remain within the confines of the Benevolence Committee. However, the Benevolence Committee which comprises Deacon’s, Pastor’s and Leadership Team Members may divulge personal information to appropriate outside individuals such as the Lead Pastor or specific financial, family, or spiritual counselors when it is in the best interest of the member(s).


An individual member or family seeking benevolent assistance should take the following steps in order to request assistance from The Ocean International Community Church:

  1. Visit the church website or office, print and complete the Benevolence Request Form. Applications should be submitted with any and all supporting documentation.
  2. Members must seek assistance for themselves and not send other members in their place.
  3. The committee will review the information and after the review the member will be contacted. During the review process the committee may seek to contact utility companies, landlords, or others to verify the request.
  4. Records will be kept for all benevolent cases and will be handled in confidence.
Application form