May 28, 2022In Sermons
The Ocean Church, English Speaking, Dar es Salaam, We are dedicated to leading people to a personal relationship with Christ
The Ocean Church, English Speaking, Dar es Salaam, We are dedicated to leading people to a personal relationship with Christ

This past Sunday’s service was led by the Future Generations of the Ocean Church. Within their riveting sermon, Ocean members were challenged to be more cognisant of their ambassadorial rule as Christians. 

Just like any other ordinary person, Christians, are often confronted with many difficult situations. Yet, it is in these situations that we are looked to provide guidance and be shining examples of how to conduct ourselves. For example:

  • How do we react when under pressure?
  • What do we do when the going gets tough?
  • What do we do when all hope is lost?

The book of Matthew chapter 5 vs. 14 clearly states that Jesus expects Christians to be the light of the world and also be shining examples to all that surround us. Indeed, God has called us to be His witnesses wherever we are, at school, work, home, and in our wider community.  For some people who observer us on a regular basis, our conduct and behaviour may be their only reference point to the Bible and to Jesus Christ. 

 Similarly, the book of Timothy chapter 4 vs. 7-12 also echoes these sentiments and implores Christians of all ages to be examples of godliness and good conduct to all they are surrounded by.   To better shape and model our behaviour in a Christ-like manner, we can be examples in the following areas:

Be an Example in Speech

Words can often be used to heal or they can be used to bring about great destruction. Given this strong set of convictions, we are challenged to be an example in using our words to bless other people and praise God.  The book of Matthew ch 15 vs. 11 emphasises this point even more as it states: “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth that is what defiles them.”  Quite often what comes out of our mouths is a reflection of what is in our hearts.  If we fill our hearts with light, love, and Godly things whatever will come out of our mouths will reflect things that please God.

Be an Example in Conduct

As Christians, we are challenged to be walking Bibles. It is our duty and responsibility to represent Christ in all that we do. In everything that we do, we must ask ourselves: “Do other believers look at you as someone who conducts themselves in a Christ-like manner?”

Be an Example in Love

Biblically, love always takes the form of action. This act can be most challenging and difficult to Christians as people can often be hard to love.  Yet, loving the so called “hard to love” is how we can give evidence of our salvation. Timothy’s challenge is our challenge. We are to love people unconditionally. 

Be an Example in Faith

One of the strongest testaments of God’s power over our lives is His ability to provide deliverance in difficult circumstances.  Faith that is grounded in God’s word and tested over time sets us apart as we are able to endure difficult circumstances and rely on God as our sole source of provision. This acts as a strong magnet to unbelievers who are not accustomed to believing in eternal power.  We also grow and groom our faith through the word as it is through the Bible that God reveals Himself to those who follow Him.  Therefore, if we value the word of God it will prune our character and increase our faith in Him. 

Be an Example in Purity

God holds us to a higher standard than unbelievers. This is one of the primary ways through which we can demonstrate Christ like character. Yet, despite this standard, we are often susceptible to the trappings of temptation. But God would not place us within such difficult circumstances without providing a helper. The Holy Spirit is there to guide us in our daily walk and is more committed to our purity and holiness than we are committed to our sinful ways.  If we read the Bible regularly and listen to our Holy Spirit, walking in purity and steering clear of sin will be a much more accomplishable task.

As Christians we are called upon to be an example in conduct, love, speech, faith and purity. The secret to being an example in all these things is to be diligent and attentive in reading and living the Bible. This is the key to unlocking Godly character.